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Minor History Reviews


Metro Card Case
"Really great card case, gets better with use for sure. Just enough space to store all my cards and the carnelian color is a pretty, burnt orange-y red color. Thanks!"
Annie P.
Smile purse
"My girlfriend loves it!"
Colin L.
Best mini wallet
"I was looking for a smaller basic wallet so that I can carry my the basic. I'.D bank card and such. Thank his wallet is perfect simple but asthetically pleasing. It is made of quality materials and the craftsmanship is superb. "
Great gift
"Got the kiss clutch/pouch for my wife and she loves it. The quality is excellent and the design is very classy. Thanks for making me look good. "
Ugh, can I have them all?
"I'm seriously in love. I've had many many leather wallets and this is by far the most luxe in my collection. Far surpasses the leather quality of much higher end brands. I'm obsessed. Bought the jade color for myself and the white gold for a friend...I want to keep both haha. Love love love it. New loyal customer right here. Xo from Seattle"
Nicholas R.
"Thick leather, smart and functional design. Really elegant option for everyday wallet."
Katherine S.
Coupe - White Gold
"it’s so cute! My oooonly wish was that there was an outside card pocket so I don’t have to unzip the wallet to grab my metro card when running to the train. Otherwise its great! Perfect size, love the coin pocket."
Colleen C.
Daily Ledger
"Received the item in a very timely manner, and it was lovingly wrapped and packaged. I haven't used the bag too many times, but it is the perfect bag to go from running errands during the day to a night out with friends or at dinner. The leather is beautiful but I'll be applying some leather protectant to ensure it stays looking this good!"
"High quality, good construction, and refreshingly simple. Love every detail of this purse. "
"I love the feel of genuine leather. It's the perfect size to carry essential cards and some cash in your back pocket. "
Melinda H.
Absolutely love it!! Will definitely
"Absolutely love it!! Will definitely purchase from Minor History in the future!"
Alicia D.
Awesome Product
"Perfect space for carrying all my accessories."
Full moon - White gold
"This bag is A KILLER. I can put soooo much stuff in it, even MY BOOKS for metro. Very comfortable and perfect size for busy city life. I think it will look even more sick after time. I LOVE IT. "
Elina M.
I have been using it
"I have been using it for a bit now. It holds up well with the amount of stuff I cram in it. The leather feels thick and durable. The adjustable strap is very easy and convenient to use. I love the color and look forward to it developing a nice patina. Would I order another item if it caught my eye YES!"
What a cool design
"So pleased with the quality of the design. Will make memorable gift. "
Elizabeth G.
Perfect size
"I was looking for a minimalist tote bag for my 15" mac to carry around in the city! This fits perfectly! I can even fit my charger and mouse in. It doesn't look like a typical bulky laptop bag!"
Love it
"It's a beautiful and fun wallet, as well as a great size if you need to carry more than five cards around. If I could make one tweak it would be for coin purse to have zipper instead of snap (and to be a little wider) but overall I love it. "
Love it!
"Wallet is nice and compact, love the feel of the leather."
Jennifer C.
"I previously owned this wallet in Natural and had to replace it because it was stolen. Though the color was sold out Mushroom is even more gorgeous! It's also the softest leather I've ever felt. Beautiful packaging as well. I will buy this wallet exclusively and recommend it to others! It was 2 days late on the 5-8 days shipping which was not great but I'm sure you're a small operation. "
Perfect tote bag
"As a very petite woman, it's difficult to find a good tote bag that doesn't swallow you. On top of that, the bigger the bag, the more junk I end up stuffing into it. This bag is the absolute perfect size! It's just big enough to carry everything I need, with plenty of room for a book or two or three!"
Biggie review
"I was looking for a credit card case to put in my pocket that held at least 7 cards. I saw a similar product at a local store and contacted Minor History directly. Great customer service by Topher! who offered this model in exactly the color I wanted "Kelly", a new color for them. He got it on the website so I could order it immediately. It's so great, fits in every pocket. No need for a purse anymore!! It holds my license and medical insurance card too, and money!"
Andrea P.
Love The Leather!
"Superior quality and sleek design. I am totally impressed with my products and looking for to adding future additions to my leather arsenal"
Great bag!
"I bought this bag because I needed something smaller and lighter than the tote I currently have. This was exactly what I wanted and I love the perforated design. It feels super like on the shoulder and is able to fit my wallet (it's enormous), my phone (also enormous), book and sweater. I wish there was a button or zipper at the top for closing and that the inside pocket was deeper just because of my enormous phone."
Kaitlin McNabb
"Not only was my experience purchasing it a breeze but the bag itself is absolutely stunning. The quality of the leather and the way it's crafted is really gorgeous. While it's a simple design it's absolutely stunning and I'm so glad to finally own it."
Great and simple
"I don't like carrying a purse and like to only carry a wallet in the summer, and this wallet is perfect for that! Fits perfectly in my pocket and fits evreything I need: a few credit cards and just enough cash. "
Amy Ellerman
"Hard to find midsize tote, fits tablet, wallet, sunglasses, phone and keys but not too large (still works without tablet). Dual flat straps with good drop length make on the shoulder access easy...took me a year of searching to find the right tote for me...but this is it....I feel like goldilocks...and the leather....!"
Beautiful leather!
"Love these versatile leather goods from Minor History. Clean, simple yet elegant design, and wear very well ... Smooth and supple condition with continued use!"
I bought it for our
"I bought it for our daughter for her birthday and she loves it!!"
Beautiful bags
"i like how clean-cut this bag is and it is very sturdy, so the things i put inside don’t fall around, but is kept very neatly. only thing that bothers me is that the edges near the handle are quite sharp and rough so sometimes it rubs on my inner arms a little but not often so its still fine. Thank you Minor History for such an amazing creation!"
Giovanni Chao