Environmental sustainability is important to us. Since launching in 2015, every aspect of Minor History, from design to supply chain, moves forward with the intention of upholding high standards and improving in this area.

Our leather hides are ethically sourced from the USA as a byproduct of the food industry. When we launched, most of our leathers were chrome tanned. This is the most common way to achieve vibrant colors while maintaining a nice hand feel. However, this is also an opportunity for improvement. Vegetable tanned leathers are drastically better for the environment than chrome tanned, and we’ve since made the switch wherever possible. All of our black leathers are vegetable tanned and happily, this leather is our top seller! We continue to develop other vegetable tanned leathers, including natural Vachetta leather, which ages beautifully over time and has even less processing than black. These developments are often behind the scenes, but we love exploring new ways to make our collection more harmonious with the environment.

We work with small factories in China that, instead of resorting to the common industry practice of over-producing units to drive down costs, are committed to working in small production runs based on need and designed to waste as little material as possible. This is why colors occasionally sell out! Working with natural materials, i.e. leather hides, is something we honor by using the entirety of the hide in each production run. We conduct ethical audits on our factories to ensure they meet SEDEX SMETA 4-pillar requirements, which is an internationally known standard for adhering to environmental and business ethics. In addition to regulating work environments, this requires our factory to recycle the effluent from its tanning processes, drastically reducing its ability to impact the environment.

Our mission is to make high-quality, long-lasting products that won't be consumed as 'throwaways.' Our hardware is solid brass and all of our materials - down to the thread! - are tested to meet Oeko-Tex and REACH standards. Our designs are intentionally simple and functional. Every piece is made to wear well, break in, and if and when the time comes, be easily repaired instead of thrown away.

If you have any other questions at all, feel free to reach out at any time to and we'd be happy to chat with you!